Who Should Use these Studies?

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A series of adult Bible Studies with companion studies for pre-school and early elementary school children are available. This study can be used in a variety of formats.


Family Night Study:
Choosing one night of the week for family bible study, parents and children can open the Bible and the Catechism of the Catholic Church to do the Come and See Catholic Bible Study

Neighborhood Bible Study:

A small group of friends and neighbors can gather in someoneís home for 60 to 90 minutes each week to share a small group discussion on the bible study which has been completed by each individual during the week.

Menís Group Study:
Existing menís groups can allocate one hour a week during the academic year, late September to early May to discuss the home study questions in the bible study book.

Moms and Tots Groups:

Mothers with pre-school and early elementary school children can meet for bible study and simultaneously have their children doing the companion childrenís book of bible study.

Teen Groups:

High School CCD classes and candidates preparing for confirmation could benefit from doing the Come and See ~ Bible Study Books as well as groups of teens with an adult. Participants can thus be challenged to apply the Sacred Scriptures to daily life

Parish Groups:

Clergy and lay-people alike can share in the study of Sacred Scripture. Those with exceptional teaching gifts can spend extra time in doing additional research and preparing a short wrap-up lecture which recaps and highlights the main point of the bible passage studied.




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